Prayer and Liturgy

Prayer of agreement among God’s children moves the heart of God. The success of the conference is rooted in the faithful and earnest intercessions of committed prayer partners.

This year we have a Prayer and Liturgy cell working for the blessings and success of the conference.

Purpose of the Prayer Committee is:

  • To organize prayer meetings and chain prayers, and pray together for the successful outcome of the conference.
  • To uphold the Leaders and the Participants for safety, good health, spiritual impartation and spiritual nourishment.
  • To pray for all sub-committees to work together with wisdom and unity in effective planning for the conference.
  • To gather materials for the order of services to be used for the conference.
  • To develop Liturgy for the worship services.

Please uphold our 2017 conference in your daily prayers.

Conference Prayer

Heavenly Father, we thank You for Your goodness and mercies toward us in all the past CSI conferences, and we pray that You will continue to pour out Your wisdom and power in the 2017 conference as well. We also want to thank you for all the members who will be inspired to pray for this conference.

Almighty Father, we declare that that the 31ST CSI conference in Toronto will be an extra-ordinary experience of powerful praise, Spirit-filled teachings and healing among the people. We pray that the Spirit of the Sovereign God will be upon each Speaker and that they will be empowered with spiritual knowledge and discernment. We earnestly expect Your blessings to abound in the lives of all who attend. We submit all the plans for the conference in Your hands and thank You in advance for the successful outcome. We offer a special prayer for the Youth who will attend that they will be drawn closer to You and that their hearts will be open to listen and hear Your Word and implement them in their lives.

We pray for Conference President and all the Convenors that they will be empowered with wisdom, knowledge and discernment from above. We also pray for all committee members to plan effectively, working together with patience, unity and perseverance. We pray for the health and safety of all during this conference. May Your mercies cover each one during their travel and stay in Toronto. Thank You Father for hearing our prayers.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.