Advertisements and Compliments

Advertisement Rates

Please refer to the rates below:
Compliments/Advertisements OptionRate
Cover Page Back OutsideUSD or CAD 5000
Cover Page Back InsideUSD or CAD 2500
Cover Page Front InsideUSD or CAD 3000
Church ComplimentUSD 400 or CAD 500
Personal Ad Full PageUSD 250 or CAD 350
Personal Ad Half PageUSD 175 or CAD 250
Personal Ad Quarter PageUSD 150 or CAD 200
Business Ad Full PageUSD or CAD 500
Business Ad Half PageUSD or CAD 300
Business Ad Quarter PageUSD or CAD 200

Advertisements and Compliments

If you’d like to make a check payment instead, please make it payable to CSI Church, Toronto, and send to CSI Church, Toronto, 1315 Kipling Ave, Etobicoke, ON M9B 3N8, Canada.

You may also contact us at for any queries regarding the souvenir.


  • Effective file sizes:
    • Full page – 7.25" x 10"
    • Half page – 7.25" x 5"
    • Quarter Page – 7.25" x 2.5"
  • Conform to the given measurements
  • All advertisements and compliments will be published only after receiving the full payment.
  • The souvenir committee won’t edit the files for you. Our motto is WYSIWYG.
  • Compliments – Please send your matter as you want it to be published.

Tips for advertisement / compliment file submission

  • Save your files with your Company / Organization name followed by the Advertisement size
    (e.g.: CSI Church Toronto-Full page; CSI Church Toronto-Back Outside)
  • Hit the submit button to open a new window
  • Click at choose from computer
  • Select the files from your computer
  • Type in your First Name, Last Name and the Email address in the corresponding boxes
  • Click upload and wait for the on-screen confirmation message

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